• Party Pooper - Emoji Glitter


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    We found three different emoji glitters and made them into three silly top coats!  You know...just for shi*ts and giggles!  

    Party Pooper - Rainbow colored confetti glitter mixed with Mr. Emojipoo in a clear base.  

    Shown swatched over a white base to show detail.  Large glitters were hand-placed.  Please note, the emoji shapes are a bit more bulky than most round glitter.  It lays flat on the nail and does well with a top coat but inevitably large glitter may sink to the bottom of your polish bottle.  This is normal but here are a few tips for an easier application and optimal wear time:

    • Try laying the bottle on it's side for a few minutes before each use
    • In between coats, roll bottle several times.  There are 2-3 mixing beads included with each bottle.
    • Apply one thin coat of glitter as normal, then go back and "fish" for individual emoji's to apply separately.  This may also decrease dry time, as it avoids a thick application. 
    • If you find it easier to place loose glitter, please choose option in the listing to request a small bag of placement glitter.  Just go back and use your polish brush or a toothpick to dab the glitter, then stick to nail while still tacky.  This works perfectly!  
    • We suggest always applying a quick-dry top coat to finish your manicure.  You may notice glitter polish feels textured and top coat will smooth it out.  This also gives you longer wear time and protects your nails from smudges.  Glitter heavy polish is typically made with a thicker base, so it may take a bit longer to dry than a normal formula.   You can find 3...2...Oh!  Quick Dry Top Coat here.  Your nails will be dry to touch in less than 2 minutes but you'll want to be careful for another 5-6 minutes while they completely cure.

    Joy Lacquer nail color is made from a 5-free suspension base.  That means it contains no Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor.  These ingredients are often found in mainstream nail polishes that you would find in the store.  Polish is mixed by hand in small batches, so slight batch variation may occur.  As in any handmade product, some separation can be normal. Always roll the bottle gently before use.  For optimal application, a base coat and quick dry top coat is recommended.  Joy Lacquer's full size bottles are max filled at 13 mls. and contain a wide, flat brush for a nice, smooth application.