• Le Papillon


    Hooray for over-pour!  Now available to the members of the FB group Joyful Fingers!

    This is color was an event exclusive and the over-pour is being offered for a limited time while supplies last.  Inspired by the Paris Opera Ballet, Le Papillon means the butterfly in French.  Parisian Nights was the theme for The Indie Shop event and all four of the event colors by JL were made with French inspired names.   Le Papillon was only half of the Paris Opera Ballet duo, done with I Am Custom Color.  It's a pale lavender with pink and blue iridescent shimmery flecks and you'll see a strong pink flash from some angles.  These are limited edition 10 ml bottles, a mid-sized mini, but still has a full sized brush and the same lid as our regular mini bottles.  It's shipping for free, along with the other LE and exclusive Indie Shop colors.  Get the others here.