• Full Tilt Cone


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    Full Tilt Cone looks exactly like a frozen treat, so there was nothing more perfect to name it, than after a Seattle ice cream shop. Full Tilt Ice Cream is a popular pinball arcade/ice cream parlor, known for making unique flavors such as Mango Chili and Lavender Lemonade. 

    The warmest color is an ultra-violet shimmery white.  As it gets cooler, you see a beautiful papaya orange color, and in the coldest state, it can deepen to coral with underlying pink tones. This polish has a violet flash, so it shows up with each color shift, and the contrast is absolutely beautiful.  This polish is so unique and looks so yummy!

    As you see from the numerous swatch photos, the thermal element in Full Tilt can vary greatly, depending on your normal body temperature and your climate. The deepest color, a pinkish coral, is a cold reactive pigment.  This polish works best when you allow it to completely cure and acclimate to you body (this can take several hours even with quick dry top coat.) You may not see the transition apparent right away.  This is common for the cold reactive pigments. 

    Some thermal pigments tend to have a slightly thicker consistency.  Feel free to add one drop of thinner at a time, and roll to achieve your desired viscosity.  Occasionally, adding elements to a thermal pigment can decrease the shelf life of it's ability to transition.  Polish may be exposed to excess heat/cold during shipping. This can also shorten the shelf life of a transition polish.  Please be aware of this and store your polish out of direct sunlight and keep your polish from extreme temperature fluctuations if possible. 

    All polish is made from a 5-free base.  Colors in photos may vary due to swatcher's lighting and/or monitor settings.  This polish's opacity is full coverage in 2-3 thin coats.  Use of our base coat and quick dry top coat is recommended for optimal wear time.  Careful measures are taken to ensure product consistency, however as with any handmade product, some batch variation can occur.  Polish is photographed under different types of lighting and screen monitors can also cause some colors to be appear slightly different.