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    There are dozens of benefits to exfoliating your skin regularly and no better time to start than right now!  Through regular exfoliation you reveal new skin, can help increase circulation, improve your skin's texture, increase absorption of hydration products and provide a better base for self tanners.  

    There are a few exfoliation bar formulas to choose from, each lightly scented.  The soap bars are made from an all-natural coconut oil-based formula.  Primary ingredients include shea butter, sweet almond oil and safflower, all of which are commonly used in skin care and contain occlusive (moisture protective) properties.  The soap also contains one of the following natural, physical exfoliation elements: ground coffee, poppy seeds or ground oatmeal.  Combine with warm water an d create a gentle lather in the shower.  The exfoliation bars are perfect for sloughing dry skin, and each bar is made without the use of any detergent, which has a tendency to dry the skin's surface. 

    Oatmeal being the more gentle of the scrub bars, contains finely ground oatmeal and is blended in to a prominently shea butter formula.  The fragrance is a light awapuhi scent, and it's absolute heavenly!  Oatmeal has long been used in skin care as it contains anti-inflammatory and anti-itching properties. Oatmeal is also a soothing treatment for sunburn and leaves a protective barrier on sensitive skin.

    The coffee soap scrub bar is made with a mixture of fine and course ground coffee, similar to the texture found in the hazelnut & vanilla coffee whipped sugar scrub. Scented with a light hazelnut vanilla fragrance, it blends deliciously with the natural coffee aroma. Caffeinated coffee is a known stimulant and the use of caffeine in skin care is becoming more widely used.  Benefits of scrubbing with caffeine include revitalizing skin and exposing more even/smooth surface by sloughing away dead cells.  Coffee is also an odor neutralizer, so it's a great choice to cleanse dirt and odor from skin.  

    The newest edition is a lemon and poppy seed bar.  The fragrance (and appearance) are reminiscent of a lemon poppy seed scone and it's divine!  There is a light almond vanilla scent, in addition to the sweet lemon and contains sweet almond oil as an extra moisturizer.  This exfoliation bar also offers a gentler scrub than that of the coffee bar.  

    Last, we have the honey and oatmeal bar.  These contain organic honey, which is thought to help retain moisture, provide rapid healing and also has antibacterial properties.  They smell simply lovely!  One side has a gently oatmeal exfoliating surface, while the other is soft and smooth for sensitive skin.  

    Not pictured:

    New for kids!  Floating Frogs Glycerin Soap made with coconut oil, is detergent free and contains 3-4 floating frogs for your little one to retrieve once the bar is almost gone.  Placed next to the sink, this adorable clear-blue bar ensures your little one is hand washing each time.  Scented with Strawberry Banana Bubble Yum fragrance.

    Not recommended for use as a facial product.  However, the scrub bar is great for helping to eliminate ingrown hair follicles.  By incorporating exfoliation into your routine, it may help rejuvenate skin areas prone to body acne.  It is recommended to exfoliate skin up to a few times per week.   As with any exfoliant, always use with wet skin and rinse thoroughly.  
    Each exfoliation bar is approximately 4.5 ounces.  The come packaged in individual boxes or shrink wrap and have a shelf life of several years if kept in cool, dry environment. The exfoliation bar soap is free of parabens, soy and gluten.  They are non-GMO, non-comedogenic, cruelty free, vegan and contain only natural vegetable glycerin.  The do not contain any detergents, surfactants, propelyne glycol, sulfates or alcohol.