• Custom Polish Dupe


    Please use this listing to order a custom polish you've seen advertised in the Joyful Fingers Facebook group.  Specify by name or describe your polish in the space provided.  Recreating polishes seen in the Custom Shop are sold in full size (13 ml.) bottles only and they are offered on a limited basis.  The price in the listing reflects the starting price, as supplies are available. Certain colors may or may not be available at any given time.  Please allow up to 2 weeks from your purchase date for your postal tracking to be sent via email.  You will be contacted if there are any delays. 

    Please do not purchase this listing if you are not part of the Joyful customs group, and/or do not agree to, or understand the terms of which color is being offered at this time.  If we have previously discussed your request for an out-of-stock color to be remade, then you may use this listing to purchase it.  If you have any questions regarding this listing or would like to request a duplicate polish be created for you, please email joylacquer@gmail.com 

    Please note, the photos seen in this listing are not necessarily the colors being offered, they are only examples of past customs.