• Custom Polish


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    Do you have a color idea that you can't stop thinking about? No backup of your favorite bottle? Need something for a unique for a special occasion or event?  I would love to work with you via inspiration photos and color match your ideas.  Whether it be with loose creative freedom or closer guidance during the process, we'll co-create your perfect color!  Please follow up via email with any photos you wish to submit. joylacquer@gmail.com

    Due to high demand, custom polishes requests are available in limited quantities each month.  The base price is $12.50 and depending on desired finish and supplies on hand, i.e. chrome polishes, holographic, specific thermals and glitters etc, this price may increase slightly.   Purchasing multiple bottles of the same color will be discounted (see drop down menu). If you wish to order more than 10 shown in this listing, please email joylacquer@gmail.com for price quotes. For more than one custom color, please submit a separate order, as the discount here is for multiple bottles of the same color. 
    If the custom listing is out of stock, please email joylacquer@gmail.com to find out the next date custom listings will be open.   
    I humbly ask that you allow some flexibility on your vision.  While I am extremely honored to be chosen to make your custom polish, and I do my best to make sure you are 100% satisfied, not every inspiration photograph is feasible based on the nature of lacquer as a medium.  There is also an unobtainable level of wizardry that a few custom polishes require.  I will do everything in my power to make your vision come to life, however at the end of the day, based on my expertise of what ingredients combine and will apply best, I require creative control of the exact ingredients used.  
    Please consider lighting and flash or screen color adjustments when your initial polish photos are sent to you. Most often I am able accurately create the color you describe, but there are some instances when the polish is better served seeing it in person. As multiple customs are made on a weekly basis, I am not able to wear each custom polish as I normally would with my own collections.  They are made from the same bases and ingredients that I trust are safe suppliers and sources.  Please be advised, that I aim to NOT create polish that will stain, sink, settle or quickly separate.  Some ingredients do not play well together. They might be more inclined to get "ugly bottle syndrome"  or fade. Some glitters will naturally settle but will re-disperse when rolled.  Multiple mixing beads are always included in each bottle.   
    Should an accident happen to your package during shipping, please let me know and it will be replaced.  If one of the components of your custom polish doesn't seem right or could have a tendency toward an issue above, please email me and we can decide together if you want to go a different route.  However, no refunds will be given on custom polish. 
    Please note, for reorders placed at a later date, there is no guarantee the subsequent bottles of your custom color will be identical to your original.  When colors are initially created, they will be poured from the same batch, and therefore it is best to order your back up bottles at the same time. 
    Joy Lacquer reserves the right to feature your polish in a future JL Custom Boutique.  This is an online pop-up shop held every few months.  Your family, friends and other people will be permitted to purchase your custom as a limited edition polish.  There is not space for every polish made to be featured in the custom shop, however if chosen, you may be asked to submit a short backstory or more photographs on the inspiration behind your polish creation.  Your polish name will be used and your first name will be credited in the listing.  You may also request that your polish be kept exclusive.