Coffee Sugar Scrub


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This deliciously tempting jar of fresh ground coffee and sugar is actually a soap scrub. The fragrance is reminiscent of your morning drink, and also has a light hazelnut and vanilla scent so it smells exactly like a yummy latte!  The coarse granular scrub is perfect for sloughing rough areas and contains almond oil and vitamin e oil to help moisturize dry skin while it exfoliates.   

The important benefits of regular exfoliation include helping to create a more even skin tone and unclogging pores.  You can even reduce ingrown hairs caused by razors, by buffing away dry cells, thus getting a closer shave.  The benefits of beauty products containing caffeine are plentiful!  Caffeine is an antioxidant (fights free radicals that age the skin), a vasoconstrictor (which means it reduces redness) and combined with the exfoliation factor, using caffeine topically can increase circulation overall and reveal brighter skin.  

This scrub is too abrasive for use on faces, but is perfect for everywhere else.  It smells good enough to eat, but we don't recommend doing that!  Rinse thoroughly with water.

This listing is sold in a 2 ounce jar with double walled plastic for durability.