Butter Creme Bar


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The Butter Creme Bar is smooth and cremey, with multitasking super powers! Use it anywhere your skin is thirsty! Your knees, elbows, perfect for the soles of your feet or the dry knuckles of frequently-washed hands.  This formula is a bit softer than the cuticle butter and warms to the skin upon application, and like the butter, it won't leave your skin with any greasy residue.

Two ounces of shea butter and cocoa butter blended with grape seed, coconut and sweet almond oil. It also contains vitamin E oil and olive squalene.  These ingredients are known to be nutrient rich and essential in providing moisture and protection for all areas of the body and all skin types, even to sensitive skin.  It absorbs quickly, and the combination of smooth cocoa and shea butters are antioxidant rich, anti-inflammatory, promote healing and they also contain anti aging properties.  .

Due to synthetic fragrance oil, this product is not recommended for use on face.