• Boxer or the Bag (Yellow Ledbetter)


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    An olive green shimmer with green and gold chrome flakies in a jelly-ish base.

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    Pearl Jam released Ten, their debut album on August 27, 1991.  This and many other Seattle bands emerging in the early nineties gave rise to the now infamous Seattle grunge scene.  Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Temple of the Dog, Alice in Chains, Mother Love Bone and Soundgarden are among the most influential and still a few of my favorites.  

    Late last year, Melissa from My Lacquer Cabinet approached me with a desire for some custom Pearl Jam polish. She listed off her favorite songs and seeing that the list was rather long, we decided to narrow it down to ten.  After some quick math, it was discovered the 25 year anniversary of the Ten album release was to fall in late August of 2016!  Because of this milestone, we knew this collection needed to go public.  

    Here is what Melissa has to say about the inspiration for "Boxer or the Bag"

    And they called and I said that I want what I said/
    And then I call out again/
    And the reason, oughtta leave her calm, I know/
    I said, I don’t know whether I’m the boxer or the bag

    "The Boxer or the Bag is an army green base with a golden shimmer and multicoloured metallic flakes, inspired by the song Yellow Ledbetter.  Yellow Ledbetter is one of the Pearl Jam songs that the lyrics change depending on Eddie Vedder’s mood.  The version that I like best includes the line about the not being sure if you’re the boxer or the bag (in reference to a punching bag).  Haven’t we all had days that are like this?  Where we get through it and reflect and have no idea if we were the ‘boxer’ or the ‘bag’? I love that Joy took her inspiration from army green canvas that you often see a punching bag is made from."

    Here is the link if you would like to read her full review http://mylacquercabinet.com/archives/7457

    Colors may vary slightly due to monitor settings.  To showcase variety, swatch and brush photos were taken under different types of lighting.  Melissa's were taken with a DSLR under a full spectrum bulb and Bitty Sween's were taken in bright natural light.  I did brush macro shots myself, in the direct sun.

    Joy Lacquer nail color is made from a 5-free suspension base.  That means it contains no Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor.  These ingredients are often found in mainstream nail polishes that you would find in the store.  Polish is mixed by hand in small batches, so slight batch variation may occur.  As in any handmade product, some separation can be normal. Always roll the bottle gently before use.  For optimal application, a base coat and quick dry top coat is recommended.  Joy Lacquer's full size bottles are max filled at 13 mls. and contain a wide flat brush for a nice, smooth application.