A little about me...

Thank you for stopping by my shop, I truly appreciate your support. Licensed esthetician, sign language interpreter, wife, mom and polish addict are just a few of the hats that I wear every day. Ironically, my previous favorite career choices were not nail polish friendly, but I've always had a crafty side and loved wearing color on my nails.

That love of polish and my creative nature sparked an idea to start making my own polish.  One day it occurred to me that if other independent makers were creating polish, why wasn't I?  I started playing around with supplies, then asked some friends to be my guinea pigs.  When I opened up an online boutique, I created my first line inspired by my hometown city of Seattle.  The polish brand took off, thanks to the support of many fellow polish addicts. Named after the common mispronunciation of my own last name, the name Joy Lacquer was born out of sheer logic.  Now it's certainly a tongue twister, on a daily basis. 

When I'm not busy in the laundry room lab or mother-in-law studio, mixing and bottling polish, you can find me, my husband and our daughter strolling down to the West Seattle beach to get breakfast at our favorite spot, Alki Cafe.

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"Let the beauty you love, be what you do."